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Gabriel Baubeau (bobo1001)

Father: Gabriel Baubeau (bobo201)
Mother: Catherine Rivault

b. 1651 in Saint Sauvant, France [Dunn]

dc. 1704 in Virginia [40888]

m. 1703 in St. Mark's Parish, King William County, Virginia, Elizabeth Spencer widow of James White, bc. 1682 in Hartford, Connecticut, d. after 1725 in Virginia. Daughter of Thomas Spencer (spen1001) and Anne Woodward [Dunn]

Issue: [40888]

Moses Bobo

Spencer Bobo (bobo2001), b. 1705, d. 1772


Gabriel emigrated from France to England to Virginia. [Dunn] Robert Nash paid for his transportation in exchange for 50 acres from Virginia.

October 25, 1700:
Robert Nash granted 350 acres is St. Stephens Parrish, New Kent County for the transportation of seven persons, including Gabriel Baubau into the colony. [40888].

Gabriel had a piece of land in KingWilliam County, Virginia about two miles south of present day Beulaville on Herring Creek described as "Bubboes Plantation" [Dunn]

February 19, 1703 King William County, Virginia (PB5:P17):
Elizabeth White made a gift of 1300 hundred pounds of tobacco, a horse and 100 acres "about a quarter mile below Bubboe's house" to each of her sons, Thomas and James. "the land being 200 acres given me by my father Thomas Spencer of King and Queen County." Witnessed by Gabriel Babau.

April 17, 1703 King William County, Virginia (PB9:P552):
Elizabeth Bubboe, widow of James White, received a grant of 250 acres for transporting 5 persons into the colony. The 250 acres were between the Herring Creeks beginning run of the Middle Herring Creek about 1/4 mile below Bubboe's house and along the run of Dividing Branch.[Haynie]

1704 Quit Rent Roll:
Shows Elizabeth Bobo as taxable head of household responsible for 200 acres in King William County, Virginia. [40888]

April 1, 1717 (PB10:P313)
Elizabeth Boboe and Thomas Cartwright purchased 400 acres in Kiing William County, Virginia. [40888]

Elizabeth Bobo received a grant of land in King and Queen County, virginia. [40888]

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