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Spencer Bobo (bobo2001)

Father: Gabriel Baubeau (bobo1001)
Mother: Elizabeth Spencer White

b. 1705 in King William County, Virginia [Skelton]

dc. 1772 in Virginia [Haynie]

m. 1725 in Virginia, Jane Wofford, b. 1703 in Caroline County, Virginia, d. 1745 in Virginia. Daughter of William Wofford (woff2001) [Dunn]

Issue: [Haynes]

Gabriel Bobo, b. 1726 in Culpepper County, Virginia, d. 1790 in Prince Wiliam County, Virginia

m. Elizabeth Garner

Spencer Bobo, Jr., b. 1728 in Culpepper County, Virginia, d. October 29, 1817 in Laurens County, South Carolina

m. Judith Foster, b. 1731 in Spotsylvania, Virginia

Mary Elizabeth Bobo, b. 1729 in Culpepper County, Virginia, d. 1789 in Orange County, North Carolina

m. 1749 in Culpepper County, Virginia, John Holt, b. 1721 in Germam CLY, Sportsyvania, Virginia, d. June 1802 in Chatham, Orange County, North Carolina

Absolom Bobo, b, 1730 in Culpepper County, Virginia, d. June 18, 1811 in Laurens County, South Carolina

m. April 17, 1784 in Virginia, Amy Sims, bc. 1730 in Orange County, Virginia, d. September 10, 1823 in Laurens County, South Carolina

John Bobo, b. 1732 in Culpepper County, Virginia

Sampson Bobo, b. 1735 in Caroline County, Virginia, d. April 17, 1804 in Spartenburg County, South Carolina

m.1762 in Culpepper County, Birginia, Sarah "Sally" Simpson, bc. 1743 in Culpepper County, Virginia, d. February 16, 1816 buried Woodruff Cemetery, Spartenburg, South Carolina

Lewis Bobo (bobo3001), b. 1736, d. March 7, 1808

m2. before 1749, Mary Taylor, widow of John Sparks [Haynie]


June 14, 1733 Caroline County, Virginia (OB1732-40:P281):
The suit against Spencer by Benjamin Walker was dismissed. [40888]

Novernber 24, 1737 Orange County, Virginia (DB2:P194-8):
Spencer leased land from Henry Kendall. He was reported to be living in Caroline County at a corner of John Michael Holt's, on the north side of the Robinson River. [40888]

December 9, 1737 Caroline County, Virginia (OB1732:P462):
Spencer, Jane (she being first privately examined) and Thomas White acknowledge their deed and livery and seizin (ownership) and reciept to Richard George. [40888]

Orange County, Virginia. Spencer appears on the Tithable list in the precinct of John Mickell Constable. [Haynie]

1742 (Orange County OB3:P390):
"The action of Debt between Hoad Lynch plt and spencer Bobo deft is continued until the next courte." Spencer sued for loss of crop, 2 pounds. [Haynie]

September 21, 1749 Culpepper County, Virginia (DB1749:P41-6:
Spencer of St. Mark's Parrish, Culpepper County, planter to Robert Terrill of same, planter. Lease and release for 50 current money 400 acres in parrish aforesaid being the land whereon Spencer Bobo now lives and did formerly belong to Henry Kendall and Thomas Walker..at the mouth of Stony Run on the north side of Robinson River. Mary, the wife of Spence relingquished her right of dower. [40888]

1759 Orange County, Virginia (OB6:P716):
The attachment brought by Thomas Fully against the estate of Spencer Bobo is dismissed. [40888]

April 25, 1763 Orange County, Virginia (OB6:P716):
Appeared as a witness in the suit of Robert Terrell vs. Winnefred Spencer (Spencer Bobo and Isaac Smith are described as two old men who are infirm). [40888]

Spencer was listed in the rent rolls of Culpepper County, Virginia [Haynie]

August 21, 1772 Culpepper County, Virginia (DBF:P540):
Absalom Bobo proves bond between William Sparks and Spencer Bobo and Mary his wife signed January 10, 1752. (William Sparks was Spencer Bobo's stepson and this legal action was probably because of the recent death of Spencer). [Haynie]

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