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William Dodd (dodd2001)

Father: William Dodd (b. 1669 in England, d. in VA)

b1707 in Pennsylvania [Hughie]

d. 1769 in Middleburg, Loudoun County, Virginia [Hughie]

m. 1726 in Pennsylvania, Catherine Nederham, b. 1707 in Pennsylvania, d. 1764 in Middleburg, Loudoun County, Virginia. [Hughie]

Issue: [Hughie]

Ann Dodd, b. 1727 in Pennsylvania

m. January 1747 in Fairfax County, Virginia, -- Richardson

Jane Dodd, b. 1732 in Pennsylvania

m. April 25, 1752 in Loudoun County, Virginia, John Gore

Edward Dodd, b. 1733 in Pennsylvania, d. 2780 in Frederick County, Virginia

m. September 29, 1753 in Hopewell Meeting House, Frederick County, Virginia, Mary Massie, b. 1733

Margaret M. Dodd wife of George Norman (norm3001) , b. 1736, d. 1795

Lydia Dood, b. 1738 in Pennsylvania

Thomas Dodd, bc. 1740 in Pennsylvania, d. July 1785 in Union County, South Carolina

m. July 29, 1760 in Loudoun County, Virginia, Sarah Sample, b. 1740

John Dodd, b. 1742 in Pennsylvania, d. September 10, 1811 in Hillsboro, Loudoun County, Virginia

m. February 1752 in Loudoun County, Virginia, Jane McDowell, bc. 1741, d. April 7, 1830 in Loudoun County, Virginia

Jesse Dodd, bc. 1747 in Fairfax, Loudoun County, Virginia, 1800 Union County, South Carolina

m. April 1, 1771 in Loudoun County, Virginia, Mary Bobo, bc. 1746 in South Carolina
m2c. 1788, Elsie Chloe Miller

William C. Dodd, b. 1750 in Loudoun County, Virginia, d. November 1825 in Chatham County, North Carolina

m. March 2, 1787 in Westmoreland, Virginia, Henrietta Weaver, b. 1765 in Virginia


William was a shoemaker. [Elton]

December 10, 1742:
William was granted 450 acres of land in Loudoun County, Virginia. The acreage was based on a wife and 7 children. [Brenda]

December 28, 1746:
William and his wife requested membership in the Fairfax Monthly Meeting of the Friends, in Loudoun County, Virginia. William was received by request and Catherine was received by the women friends on April 28, 1746. [Brenda]

William and Catherine's membership in the Quaker Church was often in jeopardy:
April 1747: Their daughter Ann in her marriage out of the unit to a Mr. Richardson, a non member
1751 and 1755: William was complained of for drinking and card playing

May 31, 1755: Son Edward was disowned
February 28, 1756: Thomas was disowned for marriage out of unit but was reinstated on August 26, 1758
January 31, 1759: Daughter Lydia was disowned for marriage out of unity
April 24, 1762: Son John was disowned for marriage out of unit
May 26, 1764: Son Jesse was disowned for 'libertine conversation

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