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George Farrar, Sr. (farrar201)

Father: William Farrar III (farrar101)
Mother: Priscilla Baugh

b. 1695 on Farrar's Island, Henrico County, Virginia [Erath]

d. March 16, 1772 in St. James Parish, Mecklenburg County, Virginia [Erath]

m. 1717 in Henrico County, Virginia, Judith Jefferson, b. August 30, 1698 in Osbornes, Henrico County, Virginia, d. November 1786 in St. James Parish, Mecklenburg County, Virginia [Poet]. Daughter of Thomas Jefferson II (jeff1001) and Mary Field.

Issue [Hilliard]

Abel Farrar, b. 1716 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. 1765 in the French & Indian War.

George Farrar, Jr., b. 1720 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, 1761 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

m. 1748 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, Diana Hillsman, b. 1713, d. 1766

Mary Moore Farrar, b. 1722, on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. before 1793 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

m. 1744 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Thomas Moore, Jr. b. 1720 in Henrico/Chesterfield County, Viginia, d. 1795 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.

Field Farrar, Sr. , b. 1724 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. October 1836 in Tennessee

William Farrar (farrar1001), b. 1724, d. 1788

Thomas Jefferson Farrar, Major, b. August 10, 1726 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. August 20, 1809 in Carnsville, Franklin County, Georgia

m. in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Elizabeth Howard, b. December 3, 1736 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

John Farrar, Captain, b. 1728 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. February 1808, in Wake County, North Carolina. Served in the Revolutionary War and wa on the muster roll of Capt. Reuben Daughn's Company.

m. 1756 in Mechlenburg County, Virginia, Rebecca Puryear, b. 1741 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Priscilla Farrar, b. June 9, 1729 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. October 1808 in Madison, Franklin County, Georgia

m. Adam Sanders, b. 1740
m2. May 4, 1762 in Lunenburg County, Virginia, Henry Howard, b. 1729, d. 1796

Peter Farrar, b. June 6, 1730 on Farrar's Island, Henrico/Chesterfield County, Virginia, d. October 1, 1815 in Edgefield, South Carolina

m. June 17, 1754, Mary Magdalene Chastaine


George and his siblings were among the last to be born and raised on Farrar's Island. The Farrar's, along with many other families who played prominent roles in the 1600's, were being supplanted by more politically powerful and wealthy families, like the Randolph family. From 1627-28, George's older brothers (William IV, Thomas, and John) sold their shares of the Farrar's Island estate to the Randolph's. George lived on his share of the estate until about 1760, when he sold it and moved to a part of Lunenburg County which was later added to Mecklenburg County, Virginia. [Poet]

Proof came to light that Judith Jefferson married George Farrar, in the obituary of George Farrar's son Thomas in Franklin County, Georgia, stating he was a cousin of President Jefferson (Warren, M. B.: Marriages and Deaths in Extant Georgia Newspapers, 1763-1831, page 35; Athens, Georgia Express 9 September 1809; Augusta, Georgia Chronicle 10 September 1809). [Poet]

January 26, 1727:
George's brother William sold Farrar's Island (686 acres on the north side of the James River, which had come down to him from the original William) to Thomas Randolph of Henrico County, Virginia for 650 pounds current money. [Valentine]

November 4, 1728:
"Matthew Ligon of Henrico County, to George Farrar of same, in obedience to a decree of Henrico Court of October 2, 1728 in a suit in chancery between Thomas Jefferson (jeff100), complaintant, and said Ligon, confirms to said George Farrar, plantation where Allanson Clark formerly dwelt, 150 acres, being upper half of tract taken up of Richard Grills, late of this county. Lands were sold to said Matthew and his father Richard Ligon to said Grills July 31, 1710, and is part of land conveyed by Grills to Thomas Jefferson September 13, 1717 and some granted to said Matthew by patent. Land is on south side of Swift Creek."

George and Judith Farrar occupied Grilly's Mill Plantation for about thirty years during which he was active in the life of the county, serving on the jury, acting as appraiser and processioner of land in 1736. [Poet]

February 1737:
George had sold 328 pounds of tobacco to Messrs Redford and Wilkinson, Inspectors at Warwick. [Fleet]

1759 and 1761:
George Farrar sold his property and moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia, where Field Jefferson, Judith's brother, had established a large estate on the northside of the Roanoke River near the Howards, where he operated a ferry for years (shown on Peter Jefferson's Map of Virginia). [Poet]

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